What is Prolotherapy?

Also known as Sclerotherapy, Non-Surgical Joint Reconstruction, Stimulated Ligament Repair, and Regenerative Joint Therapy or just Regenerative Therapy .
Its purpose is to stimulate the body to repair and strengthen ligaments and tendons, thereby restoring stability, improving function, and reducing pain. It has proven to be remarkably effective and remarkably safe over the years.
It has been practised in its modern form for about 100 years, although Hippocrates performed a cruder version in ancient Greece.
It involves deep injections, and in Canada only physicians are licensed to practise it. Significant extra training beyond medical school is required to learn to perform this valuable treatment safely and effectively.
Think prolotherapy when manipulation or acupuncture relieves pain, but the relief is short-lived, maybe only hours or a couple of days.
Think prolotherapy when you can walk around OK, but can’t stand still for 20 minutes without pain.
Think prolotherapy for osteoarthritis (wear-and-tear arthritis, degenerative arthritis).
Think prolotherapy for “mechanical” back pain.

Think prolotherapy for conditions such as

Low back pain, even including those with sciatica and those resulting from pregnancy
Neck pain, including whiplash injuries
Cervicogenic headache (Most tension headache and migraine)
Plantar fasciitis and other foot and ankle problems
Shoulder problems including rotator cuff problems
Hip or knee problems
TMJ syndrome


To learn more about prolotherapy you may visit these websites:

Sites with information on prolotherapy

Journal of Prolotherapy

Dr. Ross Hauser (Florida and Chicagoland)

Dr. William Faber (Milwaukee)

Dr. Richard Bachrach  – sadly, deceased 2010, but the site remains up and is a good source of information for prolotherapy

K. Dean Reeves, M.D.

American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine
– formerly the American College of Osteopathic Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management

Marc Darrow, M. D. – site contains several videos of Dr. Darrow performing prolotherapy


More in-depth information available at these sites:

Articles and research studies available on-line


* Regenerative Injection Therapy and Neural Therapy and their Roles in the Treatment of Chronic Pain
            By Robert Banner, MD
November/December 2006 pp. 24-27 – Orthopaedic Division Review

*  The use of regenerative injection therapy and manual therapy in a client with lumbar hypermobility
that was non-responsive to conservative and surgical intervention

By Beverley Padfield, PT
November/December 2006 pp. 28-32 – Orthopaedic Division Review

 * articles provided with kind permission of  Orthopaedic Division Review  (


Books – for the lay public as well as professionals

Dr. Ross Hauser (Florida and Chicago)

Dr. William Faber (Milwaukee)

Principles of Prolotherapy – Drs. Thomas H. Ravin, Mark S. Cantieri, and George J. Pasquarello


Other learning resources

Primal Pictures – Superb interactive human anatomy



in Canada:  us, of course!!

in USA:   AAOM – American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine

American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine