Publications / Studies by members

From Dr. Schamberger:
1. Books:
Chapter on pelvic/spine malalignment issues relating to sports in:
a. Common Back Problems and the Malaligned Player. Chapter 25 in: Fit to Play Tennis – High Performance Training Tips. Petersen C & Nittinger N (editors). Racquet Tech Publishing. 3rd Edition, 2013
b. Recovery and Injury Prevention – Healthy Back. Chapter 4 in: FIT2SKI – A Complete Guide to Fitness. Petersen C (Editor). Fit to Play Int. Inc & BK Media Inc,; Vancouver, 2009 (2nd edition)
2. Teaching DVDs (for professionals, patients – in layman’s language; available from Dr. Schamberger):
a. ‘The malalignment syndrome: Treating a common cause of pelvic, back and leg pain’. Schamberger W, 2003. (covering problems caused by malalignment, assessment/treatment of common presentations of malalignment, avoiding recurrence)
b. ‘Alignment: The missing piece of the pelvic puzzle’. Boyd J & Schamberger W, 2005 (covering core strengthening and other exercises aimed at recovering pelvic/spine stability, maintaining alignment; complements the 2003 DVD)